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"Tango Tecnica On Line classes are a great tool to learn and perfect your Tango, they are also an opportunity to keep the body awake, healthy and aligned. I invite you to keep Tango as a daily practice , because dancing fills us with positive energy ."

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Woman Technique


16 Lessons with different themes and schedules at your disposal for a single monthly payment:


Tuesday          21.00 Milonga for everyone
Wednesday    20.00 Tango Technique
Friday              13.30 Tango Technique
Sunday            10.30 Tango al Piso (Adornos)

Classes are 50 minutes through the platform   Zoom Video.


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Man Technique

Master Ismael Ludman

Individual lesson

Lesson to deepen the masculine technique.

Limited places !!!

Classes last 50 minutes through the Zoom Video platform .

30 €


Private classes

They are interactive classes, we will do corrections and personalized demonstrations depending on the level and preference you have.

Classes are through the Zoom Video platform.



Argentina Residents Project

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Seminar for residents in Argentina of 3 classes in three days to study the individual technique of the woman role in Tango.


Classes last 50 minutes through the Zoom Video platform .

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From the intimacy of our homes, thank you for sharing and participating in this seminar that we have developed with love and dedication for you.

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